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Mommy Murderesses

Not every Mother is loving and kind to their children. This book showcases twenty women who kill their children for their own separate agendas.



The Alcohol Murders

Unlike any others in the known history of serial killers, Gilbert Paul Jordan used alcohol to murder his victims. Preying on women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Jordan’s insatiable taste for drunken sex and companionship led to his cold-blooded killings spanning over twenty years. Nothing stopped Jordan as he eluded the criminal justice system having never been charged with murder even though he was responsible many times over. The driving force behind Jordan’s evil was his egocentric desires that led him on a fifty-year criminal record path causing havoc all along the way. Delving into Jordan’s crimes, alcoholism and mental illnesses, his life tells a story all his own and it is no wonder why Gilbert Paul Jordan became one of Canada’s notorious serial killers.

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Wicked Women

Wicked Women will take you into the darkest world of women killers. The ten cases in this book shed light on some of the most disgusting, vile, and evil killers known to humankind. These women disregarded everything that was right to fulfill their own selfish needs preying and hurting anyone in their path. The Unhinged Series will keep you wondering if these true crime stories are real. Each book includes hand selected tales that fascinated us and will fascinate you. These are the stories of women from all over the globe who catapulted their lives into the headlines and into the courtroom. These women will leave you at the edge of your seat and give you enough gory details to relive the crimes and crime scenes yourself. True crime at its best. The pages of this book will bring you the many stories of women. Women killers. Women serial killers. Women who were more violent and predatory than men. Maybe you’ve heard the name of some high-profile lady killers, but you will find yourself engrossed in the picking apart their lives. Delve into the minuscule details of the crimes of these killers, their childhoods, and how they got caught up in the court of law. Feel the turmoil of the killer’s life, feel the pain of the victims’ families, and determine on your own the true motive as to why these women went totally unhinged.

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Justice Shall Be Served: An Anthology

The political and public image of law enforcement and our military is a daily roller coaster of emotions. Events in Ferguson, New York, and Baltimore have caused significant strife within our communities. I support freedom of speech and the right to assemble, but when innocent people lose their businesses, homes, or even their lives during these events, it is not only illegal, but it is unjust.

Tired of all the negative media given to these professions, I decided to take action and collect stories from men and women, currently serving or retired, in law enforcement, the military, and corrections. An overwhelming amount of entries were sent to me from around the country. Included in this anthology are the best of the best. You'll find humor, anger, excitement, nervousness, bitterness, and a hundred other human emotions within these stories. My intent, as it was with all the authors, was to try to give readers a glimpse behind the scenes.

Proceeds from the sales of this project will be donated to the families of fallen officers, correctional officers, and military personnel.


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